That one day when…

Everything is perfect

The usual trip. Blending work and fun with friends.

Great lifestyle

Software engineering, Great profit and the brain f*ck yet still left a void of purpose in me…

Something is missing

That nagging feeling. What is the point? Where is the purpose?

The shift

Let’s search for fulfilment, discover and inspire. A quick ikigai lesson and was born

Open-source IT philanthropy

Backing impactful stories, exploring and sharing knowledge

I am Krasi Georgiev

dreaming of a NatGeo collaboration and space travel

Believer in “sharing is caring”
Passionist about technology and decentralization
Extremist for breaking the comfort zone addiction
Attention Seeker The spotlight enthusiast
Egocentrist Self-absorbed specialist
Pretentious Fake it until you make it

High in the clouds

High in the clouds and steady feet on the ground


The life playbook

Embrace your flaws:

They are the plot twists in your life’s story, pushing you to growth and discovery.

Reframe the Game:

Each setback is a lesson. You didn’t fail. It was a moment of growth. Every success hides many unseen failures.

Check Yo’ Self:

Run away from the comfort it is killing everything you can be. Start with the baby steps. It’s all about teaching your brain to be cool with the unknown.

Lost in Thought?

No answer coming through? Change the question.

Happiness? It’s Tricky:

It’s scoring more than you wished. But, double-check that wishlist. It’s your journey, not a contest so skip the peer pressure and the comparison game.

Rock Bottom Rocks:

At your lowest, you are the strongest. Use it! That’s how I dared dancing.