Other interesting collabs on conservation tech

Managing Smart Parks OpenCollar sensors in the wild

Just a quick few words about a new collab with Tim from SmartParks. Anytime open-source meets innovation I’m all in. Sharing is caring!

The project is to create a remote management app for their OpenCollar GPS trackers. They already have a mobile app, but it uses Bluetooth so it requires proximity and can’t be used for tags already deployed in the field. So there it is about a month later a new solution is born. The new app uses over-the-air updates to configure the trackers remotely.

We’re not stopping there and are already discussing our next collab for an app to visualise movement paths from raw tracker logs.

Anyone using the OpenCollar trackers can use it at:

New contributions are encouraged and appreciated at: https://github.com/SmartParksOrg/smartparks-connect-web

Insight 360 the alexa of the sea

One of the early collabs I did with Al from the Ariibada initiative. It was a good and dynamic start, and according to the project flashy website that I found recently it still has an active roadmap. In a nutshell, it is a robust bycatch reporting device or in its most simple setup – press a button to record. The interesting part about the design is that it is modular and allows all sorts of combinations. Voice activation by using AI(Edge Impulse collab), multiple cameras, cloud backups, status reporting indicators etc. The plans are to open-source it after the official release so hopefully, this happens at some point. I have put a lot of hours into it so will do my best to push for open-sourcing it so it can reach more places in need of such a tech.